I’m a post-doctoral researcher working with Srdjan Capkun in the System Security group at ETH Z├╝rich. I work in usable security, examining how security can be made safer and easier to use. Currently, my focus is on authentication, and I am working on projects examining usability aspects and human factors in location-based authentication, two-factor authentication, and continuous authentication.

I was previously a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. I completed my PhD in computer science, working with Robert Biddle, and the Hotsoft lab. My PhD thesis investigated how focusing on users’ existing abilities and habits can help improve the security and usability of authentication processes. I also have an MA in psychology from Carleton.

My research interests are in human-computer interaction (HCI) and in particular, usable security. My research projects in usable security have included projects on graphical passwords, password managers, and the applications of persuasive technology to security. More generally, I am interested in human learning, cognition and memory, and how they inform the way that users interact with technology.