Apr 212014

We are happy to officially announce the start of the SERENE Cybersecurity NCE. The official news release is here.

SERENE is a 4 year $1.6 Million network meant to bring together academics from the fields of computer and social sciences, as well as public and private partners. The goal is to mobilize a growing body of knowledge on the nature of online risks, the most effective and promising strategies to reduce our exposure to these risks, and the mitigating approaches that could be developed to increase our resilience to the adverse outcomes created by those risks.

SERENE will organize biannual workshops, invite world-class experts to present their latest findings in Canada, operate a constantly updated online knowledge warehouse and public website, as well as work in close collaboration with industry and government partners to increase their knowledge mobilization capacities. Ultimately, this knowledge will be leveraged by SERENE’s partners to provide Canadians with a safer online experience, which in turn should also Canada’s digital economy maintain its healthy growth and innovation potential.

SERENE’s Scientific Director is Benoit Dupont from the University de Montreal and Sonia Chiasson is Deputy Director. Shirley Mckey (formally Director of Operations for ISSNet) will be joining the SERENE team as Executive Manager.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

Apr 212014

Stephanie Hurtado and Sana Maqsood attended the CRA-W Grad Cohort workshop in Santa Clara, California earlier this month. They each presented posters of their recent work.

Mar 302014

Vanessa Boothroyd successfully defended her MA-HCI thesis this week- yaay Vanessa!

Mar 222014

Masters students Sana Maqsood and Stephanie Hurtado have been selected to attend the 2014 CRA-W Grad Cohort Workshop in Santa Clara, California this April.

Both Sana and Stephanie will be presenting posters showcasing some of their research. Sana’s involves authentication on flexible displays and Stephanie’s investigates the usable security of mobile encrypted chat tools.

Mar 212014

Several members of our group will be presenting their research at the 2014 GRAND annual conference in May.

Sana Maqsood has an RNote short paper on A First Exploration of a Gesture Based Authentication Scheme for Flexible Displays.

Hala Assal has an RNote short paper on Tor for All: A Usability Study of Tor-enabled Mobile Apps.

Leah Zhang-Kennedy and Christine Mekhail have a poster entitled Visualizations to Teach about Mobile Online Privacy.

Vanessa Boothroyd has a poster entitled Older Adults’ Perception of Online Risk.

Mar 152014

We will be attending Persuasive Technology 2014 in Padua Italy in May.

Leah Zhang-Kennedy will be presenting her full-length paper “Stop clicking on “update later”: Persuading users they need up-to-date antivirus protection”. She will also be presenting at the Doctoral Consortium.

Our poster, entitled “Visualizations to Teach about Mobile Online Privacy”, by Christine Mekhail and Leah Zhang-Kennedy was also accepted for presentation.

Mar 102014

Two of our Masters students have successfully secured internship positions. Stephanie Hurtado and Ahsan Imran will be gaining industry experience at Blackberry and Espial Group.

Feb 102014

Sana Maqsood submission to the 2014 CHI Student Research Competition has been accepted. She will present her paper, Shoulder Surfing Susceptibility of Bend Passwords, in Toronto in May.

Feb 032014

Leah Zhang-Kennedy’s paper entitled “Stop clicking on “update later”: Persuading users they need up-to-date antivirus protection” has just been accepted at Persuasive Technology 2014, which will be held in Padua, Italy in May.

Jan 262014

Our paper, “Survey on the Fate of Digital Footprints after Death”, was recently accepted at USEC 2014, co-located with NDSS.