Second Security and Privacy in Medical and Home-Care Systems (SPIMACS) Workshop

October 8, 2010

Medical information is moving online. Simultaneously, ubiquitous and medical technologies are making homes aware, active, responsive, and thus vulnerable. Examples of unique security challenges include defense against traffic analysis with medium latency requirements for physical security or some cases of medical monitoring, or sensor networks that need to be managed (and be made trustworthy) by technically inexperienced and ill users. These challenges are compounded when the technology in the home is for the purpose of monitoring for medical purposes. This workshop brings together an interdisciplinary set of experts to discuss the unique security and privacy risks within this domain.

Workshop Program (half-day):

8:00 - 8:45 Continental breakfast

8:45 - 9:00 Welcome and opening remarks

9:00 - 10:00 Refereed papers

  • Security in the Dutch Electronic Patient Record System

    Guido van ’t Noordende (University of Amsterdam)

  • A Taxonomy of Vulnerabilities in Implantable Medical Devices

    Jeremy Hansen (Norwich University), Nicole M.Hansen (Louisiana State University)

  • Challenges for Protecting the Privacy of Health Information: Required Certification Can Leave Common Vulnerabilities Undetected

    Ben Smith, Andrew Austin, Matt Brown, Jason King, Jerrod Lankford, Andrew Meneely, Laurie Williams (North Carolina State University)

10:00 - 10:30 Morning break

10:30 - 12:00 Invited panel: Talking Across the Disciplines of Technology and Health

An interactive panel in which experts from different areas of health care, policy, social sciences, and technology are invited to highlight the issues that they wish the other members of this interdisciplinary community were listening to. Audience members will also get a chance to communicate with professionals whom they might rarely get the chance to interact with, so bring your questions and concerns.


  • Denise Anthony, Dartmouth College
  • Zachary Peterson, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Alice Brown, National Partnership for Women and Families
  • David M. Liebovitz, Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation

12:00 Workshop ends: lunch break (12 - 1:30)

Registration now open!

Student travel grants available (due Aug. 27)

SPIMACS is a half-day workshop: you may attend a different workshop in the afternoon as part of your registration.

Questions? Email spimacsconf@gmail.com

Program Committee

Chair: Tara Whalen, Carleton University

Kelly Caine, Indiana University
L Jean Camp, Indiana University
Allan Friedman, Harvard University
Ben Greenstein, Intel Labs Seattle
Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin, ETH Zurich
Harry Hochheiser, University of Pittsburgh
Eric Johnson, Dartmouth College
Nathanael Paul, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ben Ransford, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Sarah Sinclair, Dartmouth College
Umesh Shankar, Google