Oct 15 2013

Wahida Chowdhury

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Doctor of Philosophy: Cognitive Science                                            September 2017 (expected)

Masters of Cognitive Science, Carleton University, Canada                          September 2013

ESSA summer school for computer simulation, University of Surrey, UK               July 2011

Bachelors of Arts in psychology with distinction, Athabasca University, Canada               2006-2010

Medical Student, Uttora Women’s Medical College, Bangladesh                             2003-2005

Engineering Undergraduate student, Oakton Community College, USA                   2001-2002

High school, Bangladesh Embassy School, Saudi Arabia                                           2001



Online privacy versus online surveillance: Where do we draw the line?

Supervisors: Dr. Robert Biddle and Dr. Warren Thorngate


Masters thesis

The influence of malware warnings in user reviews: The case of the Trojan Horse.

Supervisors: Dr. Robert Biddle and Dr. Warren Thorngate 


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Email: Wahida_chowdhury@carleton.ca

E-profile: http://wahidachowdhury.wix.com/wahida