Apr 27 2009


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IMG_3222MIT6 (Media in Transition) was in Boston for the last few days, and we did a road trip: Rilla Khaled, Pippin Barr, Natalie King, Jennifer Whitson, Chris Eaket, Brian Greenspan, and Robert Biddle. Although at MIT, this is a humanities conference, with a focus on new kinds of literature and new kinds of literacy. Our group of HotSoft and Hyperlab people had a number of talks, on topics ranging from journalism to hyperfiction. The conference had many parallel streams, and it was always difficult to choose what to attend: on the whole I thinkĀ  was particularly impressed by the talks that exposed vibrant ecosystems of new media. For example, there is more going on at Youtube that I realized. We left at mid-day on Sunday to drive back to Ottawa, and so missed Thomas Pettitt, from the University of Southern Denmark, summarize the conference and reference both Natalie’sĀ  paper on Patchwork Girl, and also our new StoryTrek system.

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