Jan 29 2011

Jeff Wilson

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Jeff Wilson Jeff Wilson
Bachelor of Computer Science – Minor in Psychology (Highest Honours)
Master of Computer Science
Supervisor: Robert Biddle
Email: rjp [dot] wilson (at) gmail [dot] com

It was a great honour to work in Dr. Biddle’s lab during my stay at Carleton. I was privileged to participate in numerous research contracts, workshops, and conferences where I became interested in developing applications for large surface displays. The challenge of rapid iteration in this space drew me into modern web development and an exploration of frameworks and tools that support real-time co-located and remote collaboration as well as interactive visualization. My master’s thesis drew on the experience of developing a collaborative web-based intelligence analysis tool produced under contract for the Canadian government.

Selected Publications

Current Status

I am currently wrapping up a volunteer project overhauling the CNTHA‘s website and its underlying infrastructure with the goal of improving its usability, stability, security, and performance. I will be writing about this work on the site itself as well as on my github page. I am interested in research and development opportunities in full stack web development, secure and scalable infrastructure, and innovative user interaction.