Nov 14 2017

Details about Reza

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My areas of research are:

  • HCI design and evaluation guidelines for multimodal systems to support educational applications
  • Computer-mediated interpersonal affective communication
  • Cognitive aspects of human-computer interaction
  • Visual Analytics



I am currently working on:



  • Visual Analytics for Multimodal Affective Educational Software.
  • Design Practices for Multimodal Affective Mathematical Learning.
  • Affect-aware Education Software: The Teacher’s Console.
  • Evaluating Software for Affective Education: A Museum Explorer Case Study.
  • Evaluating Software for Affective Education: The 3D Immersive Educational Environment Case Study.


Recent Courses:

  • Human-Computer Interaction for User Interface Design (A)
  • Software Usability (A+)


Recent Volunteer Experience:

  • Treasurer of the Computer Science Graduate Society, Carleton University
  • CanUX – Canada’s Premier Annual UX Event
  • IoT613 – Ottawa’s Internet of Things Conference
  • CapCHI – Ottawa HCI Professional Group, Ottawa, ON