Nov 14 2017

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My areas of research are:

  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) design and evaluation guidelines for multimodal systems to support educational applications
  • Computer-mediated interpersonal affective communication
  • Cognitive aspects of HCI
  • Online privacy of users and face and emotion recognition
  • Visual analytics



I am currently working on:


  • Developing and conducting user studies in data visualization, affective educational technologies, and online privacy


Some projects that I have worked on:


  • Visual Analytics for Multimodal Affective Educational Software
  • Design Practices for Multimodal Affective Mathematical Learning
  • Affect-aware Education Software: The Teacher’s Console
  • Evaluating Software for Affective Education: A Museum Explorer Case Study
  • Evaluating Software for Affective Education: The 3D Immersive Educational Environment Case Study



Teaching Experiences (Teaching Assistantship)

 Winter 2017  COMP 1004  Introduction to Structured Programming
 Fall 2016  COMP 1405  Intro. to Computer Science I
 Winter 2016  COMP 1805  Discrete Structures
 Fall 2015  COMP 1805  Discrete Structures
 Winter 2015  COMP 1004  Introduction to Computers for Science
 Fall 2014  COMP 1001  Introduction to Computers for the Arts and Social Sciences
 Winter 2014  COMP 1805  Discrete Structures
 Fall 2013  COMP 1004  Introduction to Computers for Science
 Winter 2013  COMP 3008  Human Computer Interaction
 Fall 2012  COMP 1001  Introduction to Computers for the Arts and Social Sciences
Winter 2012 COMP 2003 Computer Organization
Fall 2011 COMP 2805 Introduction to Theory of Computation
Winter 2011 COMP 1001 Introduction to Computers for the Arts and Social Sciences




Professional Presentations:

CyberPsychology, CyberTherapy and Social Networking Conference, Gatineau, QC June 2018
Human-Computer Interaction International Conference, Vancouver, BC July 2017
Computer-Human Interaction Professional Group (CapCHI), Ottawa, ON June 2017
Human-Computer Interaction International Conference, Toronto, ON July 2016
World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Vancouver, BC June 2016
Data Day 3.0, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON March 2016
Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Computer Science, Ottawa, ON September 2015
International Symposium on Computer Science & Software Engineering, Iran August 2015
World Conference on Educational Media and Technology, Montreal, QC June 2015



Recent Courses:

  • Human-Computer Interaction for User Interface Design (A)
  • Software Usability (A+)
  • Electronic Commerce Technologies (A)
  • Engineering Communication Skills Certificate — Carleton University
  • Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans Course on Research Ethics (TCPS 2: CORE)





Recent Volunteer Experience:

  • Treasurer of the Computer Science Graduate Society, Carleton University
  • CanUX – Canada’s Premier Annual UX Conference
  • IoT613 – Ottawa’s Internet of Things Conference
  • CapCHI – Ottawa HCI Professional Group
  • GOAT18 – Gatineau-Ottawa Agile Tour Conference
  • IEEE Carleton




Contact Information:

Mailing address: School of Computer Science, 5302 Herzberg Laboratories, 1125 Colonel By Drive,Ottawa, ON, K1S 5B6

Office: Human Computer Interaction Building, Room 2110