Feb 23 2009

Eye Strain

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Computer Eye Strain

Eye strain is a common symptom of extended computer use. We have found that when using an eye tracker, some people also experience similar types of eye strain. Some of our usability studies use the eye tracker as an input device (instead of a mouse, for example) or as a source of secondary information to identify what parts of the screen are being observed as people complete computer tasks.

If you participated in a study using the eye tracker, there is a slight chance that you experienced temporary mild eye strain from using the eye tracker and focusing on the computer screen. This risk is no worse than ordinary extended computer use. Your eyes should feel better within a few minutes of completing the study. If you would like further information about computer eye strain and steps that can be taken to alleviate these symptoms, please visit:

The following journal article about Computer Vision Syndrome is available online from the Carleton library:

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